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Tankless Water Heater Benefits

Why Go Tankless in 2024

While hot water can be a stressful thing to lose and a water heater an expensive appliance to replace, needing a new one isn’t all bad news. Taking advantage of the opportunity for a replacement, homeowners can access a new set of benefits by switching to a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters offer a variety of benefits, and here are some of the top reasons tankless water heater installation may be an excellent choice for 2024. 

Better Energy Efficiency and Lower Costs

save money Water heating uses a lot of energy and is often the source of a house's second biggest energy expense. However, homeowners can improve the energy efficiency of their water heating system and reduce their water heating costs by switching to a tankless water heater

With a traditional storage water heater, the system has to cycle on and off consistently to keep water in the tank heated and on standby for when hot water is needed. Tankless water heaters save tons of energy by only turning on when hot water is required. This leads to lower monthly energy bills that can help offset the cost of installation. 

Get Endless Hot Water and More Storage Space

tankless water heaterOne of the main drawbacks of a storage water heater’s hot water tank is that they have a finite volume. Once the hot water is used up, it takes time to heat more water, so people are stuck without hot water until it can heat more. On the other hand, tankless water heaters heat water on demand without a large tank, so homes have an endless supply of hot water and don’t have to get stuck taking cold showers. 

Additionally, a tankless water heater’s lack of a large storage tank makes it much smaller and takes up less space in a home. They can also be mounted on the wall to save even more space, providing homeowners more room for storage in their homes. 

Better Longevity 

Tankless water heaters also have the benefit of greater longevity. On average, tankless water heaters can last at least 20 years, while storage water heaters typically last between 10 to 15 years. This longer life expectancy, in addition to lower water heating costs, can save homeowners money and offset the cost of tankless water heater installation by preventing the need to replace a water heater every ten years. 

But to ensure the tankless water heater’s longevity, efficiency, and reliability are maximized, homeowners should be sure to schedule routine tankless water heater maintenance with a plumber. Maintenance ensures the water heater lasts longer, works more efficiently, reduces operating costs, and prevents problems.   

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