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Luckily, your HVAC yearly maintenance is less painful than going to the dentist--or at least it should be! When you opt to hire less reputable companies or choose to perform the maintenance yourself, it can be chaotic, messy, and sometimes dangerous. To avoid all of these problems and not dread heater and AC inspections, simply call Honest Abe’s Home Services. To make things easier, we have a Presidential Plan that is available for purchase to ensure your system runs efficiently.

Keep the air in your home clean and free of impurities with indoor air quality services. This can be as simple as replacing your air filter or as advanced as installing a dehumidifier in your home.

Is a Heat Pump Your Home’s Heating Solution?

Heat pumps are becoming more prevalent but are still not as well-known as other heating appliances like furnaces and boilers. These systems are quite different from other heaters because they don’t create heat, they transfer it. Heat pumps consist of two components--an indoor and an outdoor piece. Both of these are connected by a conduit.

Understanding how heat pumps work is actually pretty easy:

  • Outside air is blown over refrigerant coils that absorb existing heat
  • As the coils absorb heat, they expand into gas and are transferred to the indoor component
  • The indoor component compresses the refrigerant, releasing the heat to your home

These systems are highly efficient because of their transference of heat but are not meant to be stand-alone units in extremely cold temperatures. With that said, when in operation with another heater, they still can offer energy savings. In addition, heat pumps can be reversed in the summer to serve as an air conditioner.

At Honest Abe’s Home Services we are your heating experts. From newer heat pump systems to traditional furnace and central heater repairs, our expert contractors are here to keep you safe and comfortable in the Linn Creek winter.

The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance

A central air conditioning system is one of the longer-lasting appliances you can have in your home; as long as it’s cared for properly. Regular inspections, repairs, and maintenance is key to keeping your air conditioner working in top shape. A common sign that your AC unit needs help is higher than usual energy bills and poor temperature control.

Performance should not be your only concern either. Are people suffering from allergies and respiratory issues? Your air conditioner directly impacts your indoor air quality, which is why regular AC filter replacement can go a long way to help as well.

Is the airflow in your home low? An older air conditioner can struggle to keep temperatures comfortable in your home. When you suspect there’s an issue with your system, our air conditioning technicians will perform a thorough inspection. Once we find the source of the problem, we’ll provide you with a high-quality AC repair that’ll have your home cool again in no time.

And because we know that issues happen when we least expect them, our AC contractors are available 24/7 to ensure your 100% comfort and satisfaction with every service.

Let Honest Abe’s Make a Difference in Your HVAC!

We love being able to educate our customers about the inner workings of their heaters and air conditioners. What we enjoy even more is making them happy by providing a clear diagnosis and solution to a problem at a fair price. Our goal is always to make sure that you remain comfortable and don’t dread calling us when you need!

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