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Plumbing can be a dirty job and definitely not one that you want to do if you’re not familiar with it. Plumbing technicians have also gotten a reputation for leaving a mess and being dishonest about needed repairs. Honest Abe’s Home Services is working to change that by providing excellent customer service, cleaning up after themselves, and using flat-rate, fair pricing. We want to change your view of the plumbing world and allow you to stay clean and pristine while doing so!

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Skip the Hardware Store When Your Toilet is Clogged

Sometimes little ones drop toys into the toilet or kids use too much paper. Maybe your drains and pipes just haven’t been cleaned in a while. No matter the cause, it happens: your toilet begins to overflow repeatedly. It’s always tempting to solve the problem yourself by buying drain cleaner or a mechanical snake. We have some advice-- it is to skip the hardware store and just call us.

Mechanical snakes can push the clog into the drain further making it more difficult for a plumber to retrieve but chemical drain cleaners are the REAL problem.

Chemical drain cleaners are made almost completely of lye which is a corrosive compound that creates a thermal reaction when mixed with water. This means that it can damage your pipes or plumbing and can cause burns to the skin, lungs, and eyes if contact is made or if too high of a concentration is inhaled. Aside from these issues, it is harmful to the environment. So, as we said earlier, don’t go to the hardware store, call Honest Abe’s instead!

When Should You Replace a Water Heater?

Your water heater enables you to keep your belongings sanitized and makes for more comfortable showers and baths. Unfortunately, these appliances do not last forever and occasionally need to be replaced. Unless your water heater completely ceases to work, it might be difficult to tell when a new one is needed. Here is a quick reference point for when that question arises:

  • Noises - over time sediment can build up and harden at the bottom of your tank. When this layer becomes too thick, you will hear it burning. This means it is also burning the bottom of the tank
  • Age - water heaters only last about 10 years. Units older than this become more expensive to repair than replace
  • Rust - pipes can rust and cause your water to appear rusty. The problem can also come from your water heater tank. Rust is a sign of corrosion and cannot be repaired
  • Not enough hot water - whether your family has grown or your heater is needing to be replaced, not having enough hot water is a sure sign of the need for replacement

Choose the Best Plumbing Company in Town

Everyone looks for different things when choosing a plumbing service company. We try our best to meet everyone’s expectations by being a company we’d want to hire. This includes having availability for emergencies, charging fair prices, and being honest about what types of repairs and maintenance are needed. In addition to these things, we hire friendly and understanding customer service representatives to answer phones and questions.

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