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You don’t have to wait days for air conditioning services, especially when you’re in dire need of relief! Choosing to keep up with the maintenance of your system is the best way to prevent emergency situations but problems can still arise from time to time. When they do, whether they are urgent or just need to be taken care of at some point, call Honest Abe’s Home Services. Our technicians are local men and women who understand the need for cold air in the middle of the Sunrise Beach summer.

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How to Diagnose AC Repair Issues?

Many homeowners drag their feet before calling for help with their air conditioner. While you can hold off on AC repairs, the more time you take, the more prone your system is to fall into an emergency situation. That’s why it’s important to know when to call for help. Is your air cycling on and off? Is it struggling to maintain the temperature inside your home? A common issue with air conditioners is an inability to properly cool your home. This can also culminate in higher than usual energy costs and an overall discomfort in your home.

Similarly, an air conditioner that’s blowing hot air is a cause for concern. Whether there’s an issue with your thermostat or your evaporator coils are dirty, you’re going to need an inspection. At Honest Abe’s we offer industry-leading AC repair and maintenance services. With a little help from our technicians, you can get your home cool and comfortable in no time!

Heaters Also Need Maintenance

While we are talking about proper maintenance of your AC, we’d like to look at heater maintenance, too. To help avoid heater repairs in the dead of winter, it is best to call for an inspection toward the end of autumn. Most heaters will need a change of air filter, oil, the lubrication of parts, and to be cleaned from the previous year’s operations. This is also an ideal time for our technicians to spot any issues with carbon monoxide or parts that are looking a bit worn.

In the event that a replacement furnace or heater is needed - because of age or general wear and tear - our heating specialists can also help. We offer heater repair and replacement solutions that work to restore comfort to your home. As a general rule of thumb, you should always call for an in-home inspection before the winter months roll around. That way you can help avoid emergency heating issues during peak seasons.

Experience the Difference With Honest Abe’s

Heaters and air conditioners are expensive units--why would you trust any old company to service them? Allow Honest Abe’s to take care of your HVAC needs to ensure your unit doesn’t leave you in freezing or sweltering temperatures. As always, once we diagnose a problem, we present you with all available options as to not pressure you into going above your budget. Once a choice has been made, we give you the flat-rate price, upfront before any work begins.

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