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Think about the plumbing in your home and all the uses for it. There are appliances, faucets, bathtubs, and toilets. Each of these plumbing fixtures creates wastewater that needs to be drained off, away from your home. If you take a moment to ponder it, this system is well-planned and even awe-inspiring because without it, cleaning yourself and your belongings would be extremely difficult. This is why it is essential for your plumbing and pipes to be well-maintained and serviced quickly in the event of an emergency.

Honest Abe’s Home Services is a 24-hour plumbing company that offers competitive, flat-rate pricing--however, we won’t tell you that an issue is urgent when it can wait until the next day.

How Can a Clogged Drain Affect Your Home?

A clogged or slow drain is one of the more common issues a homeowner can face - and one of the more challenging to fix. Depending on the location and severity of a plumbing clog, the repair solutions can vary. A severe clog can completely stop the flow of water to your home, causing serious strains and in some instances leading to a burst pipe. Smaller clogs can just lower the water pressure in your home and result in an overall headache for your home.

In general, a drain cleaning solution will be as simple as snaking the blockage out. This removes the clog and cleans the pipe in the process. For larger blockages like scale or cooking grease, you may need a tougher solution like a hydrojetting service. At Honest Abe’s we offer expert drain cleaning solutions. We’re always available, 24/7, which means when you need us most, we’ll be there to help.

Upgrading Your Home with a New Water Heater Installation

One of the most used appliances in your home is going to be your water heater. Not only do you use it for hot showers, but also your appliances use it to. From your dishwasher to your washing machine - a quality source for hot water is key. So what happens when your old water heater isn't getting the job done?

Water heater repairs are always going to be the first course of action, but when you need a long-lasting solution, a replacement may be best. New water heater installations can:

  • Improve the flow of water
  • Increase your property value
  • Help you save on energy costs
  • Add warranty coverage
  • Add more hot water to your system

You can even upgrade to a tankless water heater, which gives you easy access to an unlimited supply of hot water. Our plumbers will be able to help you find the perfect solution for your home in no time!

Call Honest Abe’s for Impressive Service

No matter what type of plumbing problem or emergency you are having, we can offer a solution and fix the issue. When you are tired of dealing with unreliable or less-than-honest companies, don’t get discouraged. Honest Abe’s Home Services is here to help! Our technicians are local to the area and many have families themselves--so they understand the need for fair pricing and solutions that fit your budget!

Our customers write reviews about plenty of things, including our great service. Check them out to see how we measure up to other companies!

When you have a plumbing emergency, you shouldn’t hesitate to call due to astronomical pricing. Instead, call Honest Abe’s Home Services at (573) 286-7540 for fair, flat-rate pricing and functional solutions!