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Make Your Summer Drinks Even More Refreshing With Clean Filtered Water!

Why Every Homeowner Should Install a Water Filtration System This Summer

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as an ice-cold beverage on a hot summer day. But if any part of that beverage came straight from the tap, it may not be as delicious as it could be - and in some cases, it may even be dangerous. The tap water in most cities and towns is made as safe as possible before being pumped to homes and businesses. Still, by the time it reaches the faucet, it may contain various pollutants, ranging from harmless to highly toxic. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution - installing a water filter! Read on to discover how a quality water filter can restore the home’s water to its original glory.

Improve the Taste of Food and Drinks


One key benefit of a water filter is that filtered water tends to taste better. Several pollutants can give water a strange or unpleasant taste or odor, including dissolved minerals, metals, organic solids, bacteria, and chemicals. Though most of these are considered nontoxic, they can still make an otherwise great glass of water into something unpalatable. 

These pollutants can even alter the taste of flavorful drinks like coffee, lemonade, or summer cocktails. Foods like vegetables, rice, or pasta cooked in contaminated tap water can also absorb some of these unwanted flavors. Most activated carbon water filters can remove the majority of these pollutants, which means every drink, meal, and glass of water can go back to tasting exactly as it should.

Say Goodbye To Chemical Pollutants

As important as it is to keep the home’s water tasting and smelling great, it’s even more critical to protect against more serious types of contaminants - namely, harmful chemicals. These include pharmaceuticals, household cleaners, used motor oil, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, among others. 

Because these contaminants tend to have very tiny particles, they can elude some types of filters like store-bought pitchers or faucet-mounted filters. Most under-sink filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, or whole-home water filters can absorb these dangerous chemicals, as well as other small-particle pollutants like bacteria and viruses.

Help the Body Detox

drinking water Everybody knows it’s good to drink plenty of water each day. But if that water is unfiltered and chock full of pollutants, it’s likely going to do more harm than good. Toxins tend to accumulate in the body due to diet and environmental factors, among other things. The body is constantly working to get rid of these toxins in the form of waste, and the best way to help it is to give it lots of clean water.

Clean, filtered water hydrates the organs and helps them operate more efficiently while simultaneously helping lubricate and cleanse the digestive system. It also helps reduce the body’s acidity and improves its ability to absorb and utilize valuable nutrients. All in all, regardless of the type of water filter, installing a water filter is one of the best things homeowners can do to enhance their health and well-being.

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