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Is Halloween The Cause of Spooky Pipe Noises Inside the House?

Common Pipe Noises 

With the nights starting to get longer, the ghosts and goblins have more time to play. The trees whistling in the wind seems louder than usual, the streetlight outside starts to flicker on and off, and the house starts to creak and hum when no one is walking around. People always like to believe that there is a logical reason for the spooky noises they hear in the house, and that’s usually the case.

So the question becomes: are the spooky pipe noises and creaks in the house from a logical cause like the plumbing system or is the house actually haunted? These three checkpoints can help determine the underlying cause of pipe noises.

Check 1: Water Pressure Humming

If there is a humming sound within the home, the water pressure may be set too high. If the pressure is too high, it can cause the pipes to vibrate or hum. If the water pressure isn’t reduced, it can lead to long-term damage to fixtures, appliances, and pipes throughout the home.

water pressure

The typical water pressure should stay between 40-45 psi, and should not go over 60 psi. If the water pressure continues to rise after initially reducing it, consider installing a water pressure reducing valve to keep the pressure at an appropriate level.

Check 2: Toilet Whistling Sounds

whistling soundsWhistling sounds may signal a problem with the toilets. If there is a whistling sound after flushing, there is likely a faulty fill valve.

The fill valve helps regulate the amount of water that fills the toilet tank after flushing. Once it reaches the correct fill level, the valve closes to stop more water from entering the tank.

But over time, this fill valve can deteriorate, which causes the whistling sound when flushing or it can cause the entire toilet to vibrate. Replacing the valve can easily eliminate this pipe noise.

Check 3: Air Bubble Noises

Loud banging or hammering noises can be quite frightening. If these pipe noises occur, it is likely because of air bubbles inside the plumbing system. As water is turned off suddenly or changes directions in the pipes (commonly at 90-degree joints), it splashes through the pipes and can create air bubbles or water hammers.

air bubbles

If a water hammer isn’t fixed, it can damage the pipes and pipe joints, leading to water leaks and costly repairs. Adding pipe insulation, reducing water pressure, or draining the plumbing system to fix the air chamber can help resolve this issue.

If the culprit still isn’t found after checking these three root causes for spooky pipe noises, it’s safe to say there’s a ghost roaming the house.

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