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It’s probably the most annoying plumbing problem which every homeowner has had to deal with at one point in time. Clogged toilets can be extremely disruptive, especially in homes that primarily use one bathroom. In many cases the fix is simple, but if you find your toilet clogs up frequently and for no apparent reason, it may be a clue to a much larger plumbing problem in your home.

The professionals at Honest Abe’s Home Services are able to help homeowners in the Osage Beach, MO area with clogged toilet repair and toilet installation services. If you get in touch with us we’ll send somebody to your home to clear up any clogs or install a replacement toilet while at the same time figuring what might be causing the problem.

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Toilets undergo a tremendous amount of stress every day. In addition to regularly flushing waste, they have to support every person’s weight. Due to the amount of use they get, it’s common for toilets to show signs of damage after a short amount of time. If you pay attention to the problems with your toilet, you may be able to detect if it’s in need of servicing. Any toilets which display the following issues may require clogged toilet repair or toilet installation services:


If you spot any cracks in a toilet bowl or tank, it’s definitely not a good sign. Cracks could allow water to leak, which may slowly spread water damage throughout your bathroom. The moment you notice any cracks in your toilet you should look for a replacement right away.


Are you still using the same toilet that came with your home? Does it show signs of old age? Old models tend to have more problems than modern toilets and are more likely to suffer from symptoms related to wear and tear. If you’ve been using the same toilet since you moved in and aren’t sure exactly how old it is, you may want to call for an inspection just in case.

Frequent Clogs

Are you always dealing with a clogged toilet, and have no idea why? Does it happen frequently? This particular problem, which sometimes happens out of nowhere at an alarming rate, could possibly be due to an issue deep within your plumbing system.

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