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Fun Facts About AC On Independence Day

Weird But True Facts About Air Conditioning 

The expression "as American as apple pie" means that something is inherent to the culture of the United States. However, "as American as air conditioning" could be a suitable substitute for this popular expression. Air conditioning is a uniquely American invention that enjoys wide implementation around the nation. 86% of structures have some form of cooling system, and the nation uses more air conditioning than all other nations combined.

This Independence Day, celebrate freedom from heat and humidity! Learn these patriotic facts about air conditioning from local HVAC technicians. 

Celebrate National AC Dayac

July 17th is National AC Day. As a nation that loves its air conditioning, it makes sense that we have a day devoted to its appreciation. How do homeowners observe National AC Day? Here are a few ideas:
  • Scheduled Maintenance: An AC tune-up or routine maintenance can help air conditioners run more efficiently and last longer. That can set homeowners free from the tyranny of high utility costs and repair bills. 
  • Change Filters: Filters need to be changed every quarter, so they're probably dirty if they weren't changed in June. Clean filters can help lessen the severity of summer allergies and clean up indoor air. 
  • Host a Cookout: Cookouts and fireworks displays are common holiday celebrations and great ways to appreciate the cold air inside. Spending a hot and humid night outside can help one appreciate the climate-controlled comfort waiting on them when they get home. 

As American As Cold AC!

America's obsession with cold air conditioning started over a century ago but didn't become standard in most structures until the post-war industrial boom of the 1950s. The first air conditioners were made as industrial devices to solve problems in factories where summer humidity was a problem. 

Willis Carrier installed the first rudimentary air condition in a factory in upstate New York in 1902. After that, he set to work designing more efficient systems that one could cost-effectively install in other buildings for both industrial applications and comfort. 

As Carrier's business grew, more and more people bought into the idea that climate control was a good idea. His business lives on today as Carrier Global, one of the largest makers of air conditioning equipment in the world. 

Air Conditioning Influences Hollywoodtheater

The fact that American movies are known worldwide owes their success to the air conditioner. Why would such seemingly unrelated industries like Hollywood movies and air conditioning have such a large global influence? It all started in the 1930s. 

By the 1930s air conditioning systems were beginning to become normal. Movie theaters were some of the first buildings fitted with air conditioning, and despite the Great Depression and the average lack of disposable income in most families, movies became a popular afternoon outing to escape the heat. Theaters offered double features to allow people to enjoy the cool during the heat of the day, and Hollywood accommodated the culture shift by releasing more movies during the summer, starting the trend of summer blockbusters.  

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