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A Case for the Plumber or Plumbing Dad?


We’re sure your dad did a lot for you and your household growing up, and Father’s Day is the best day to observe those thoughtful actions. Did you keep count of how many scraped knees dad successfully repaired? What about the late nights spent building the ultra-complicated science fair project?

Nothing can replace all the time and effort dad put into helping you throughout your time growing up. Aside from spending time helping you, your dad probably took care of a lot of household odds and ends regularly.

While dad was probably excellent at handling a lot of projects himself, there was probably some DIY jobs, such as plumbing repair, that should have been left to the experts. Let’s take a look at some examples of jobs typically better left to experienced professionals:

Toilet Installation is Not a Simple Home Repair

personalinjuriesWhen your bathroom requires new toilet installation, this is not a job to be taken lightly.

New plumbing requirements are going to accompany your toilet install, as well as possible new water lines, drains, lateral connections, intakes, pipe rearrangements, and other requirements.

The potential for things to go wrong with any of these tasks is pretty high; let’s take a look at some of the common things that can go wrong:

  • You can experience flooding.
  • The untrained eye can cause some incorrect or unnecessary pipe placement.
  • Expensive and complicated sewer damage.
  • A damaged or broken new commode.

The lesson here being, if you need a new toilet installed, call in the experts this time instead of dear ol’ dad.

Don’t Duct Tape Your Water Leak, Call in a Professional!

We know dad loves duct tape, and it’s not without good reason, but water leak repairs are neither the time or place for use of the trusty silver roll of tape. Let’s look at some potential issues that can be caused when water leaks aren’t dealt with quickly and correctly:

  • pipeducttapeLeaky pipes, no matter how small, can lead to BIG water bills at the end of the month.
  • Mold growth can happen quickly with a leaky drain pipe. Sometimes, mold can cause health problems, so it’s best to be avoided.
  • Both big and small leaks can cause property damage, depending on where they are and how long the issue has been going on.

So, if you see or hear a leak, call in an experienced professional as quickly as you can! Tell dad to leave the Duct tape at home for this one.

Drain Snaking is Not for the Inexperienced

Home drain snaking jobs happen more frequently than they should. With the plumbing snake so easily accessible at your hardware store, and the idea seems straightforward, it can be tempting to handle this job yourself. However, there are problems that can come with an incorrect snake draining:

  • When you use the snake incorrectly, you run the risk of damaging the porcelain of the toilet or sink; this can cause rapid deterioration and ruin the cosmetic appeal.
  • Failure of your home’s entire plumbing system is at stake with a bad snake job. When you incorrectly use this device, it can easily damage the piping, leading to a whole slew of issues, especially in older homes and piping systems.

snakedrainingLeave the drain cleaning to the experts next time you have a plug you can’t seem to repair. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with dad’s DIY fix-it jobs around the house; in fact, we’re sure he fixed plenty of problems from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Sometimes, there are just certain jobs best left to the scope of experts, though. This Father’s Day, thank dad for all the amazing work he does and has done, and then call your plumbing expert for the leak in the upstairs bathroom.

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