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Basement flooding is among the worst fears a homeowner has when faced with a burst pipe or a bout of heavy rain. Either one of these can cause water to pool up in a household and cause extensive damage to a building and its foundation. One of the most effective ways homeowners can protect their property from the dangers of basement flooding is by using a sump pump.

Good thing the technicians at Honest Abe’s Home Services offer sump pump repair and sump pump installation services to homes in the Osage Beach, MO area. We have the tools and training necessary to set you up with one of these devices or conduct repairs if you have one that needs fixing. Either way, we want homeowners to be prepared if they experience flooding.

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Different Sump Pump Devices

Flooding often occurs when an abundance of water weasels its way into a home’s foundation. This commonly occurs during extreme weather events such as storms or the morning after a big snowfall. Sump pumps help by directing water away from a home’s basement and toward an area where it can’t reach your property. There are two types of sump pumps to choose from:

Submersible Pumps

These sump pumps are installed beneath ground. They’re designed not to be seen or heard. Submersible pumps are best for homes that don’t have a lot of extra space. They have a long life expectancy, but unfortunately tend to be more expensive than pedestal pumps.

Pedestal Pumps

These pumps use a motor to function, which must be mounted above ground. They’re a good option for homes that come with a sump pit or if homeowners are turned off by the high price of submersible pumps.

Depend on Our Sump Pump Services

Here at Honest Abe’s Home Services, we dedicate ourselves to providing a worry-free experience to all our customers. Every piece of equipment is treated as if it were our own. We ensure long-lasting devices and offer checkups every six months.

On top of that, we’re ready to lend a hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergencies. Just pick up the phone and give us a call, day or night, if you need assistance with any home plumbing problem.

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Flooding can be a major threat to homes in the Osage Beach, MO area. We offer sump pump repair and sump pump installation services. If you need help give us a call at 573-286-7540 to schedule an appointment.