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What's That Odor Coming from Your Home Plumbing?

What's that awful stench coming from your plumbing? Smelly plumbing has a number of causes, among them a break in the sewer line, clogged pipes or drains, and even contaminated piping or water. How do you know for sure what is behind your smelly pipes and drains?

Aside from having professional drain cleaning done, there are some other tricks that you can try to remove that odor. Here are some handy plumbing tips and tricks for you to refer to.

Contact a Professional Plumber

“whattodo”For peace of mind and a fresher-smelling home right away, why not rely on the expertise of your trusty plumber? Some more severe plumbing problems require specialized equipment to diagnose, like cameras or particular listening devices.

Even the most accomplished DIY homeowners won’t necessarily have these specific tools at hand. So don't guess at the issue. Take care of the problem and keep it from coming back by contacting your plumber as your first step.

Your Sink is Stinky

“contaminatedsink”Do you use the smelly sink infrequently? Then you may have a small problem with a low-tech solution. The P-trap might be dry. The P-trap is the curved piece of the pipe just under the sink.

Its job is to block unpleasant sewer gases from entering your home with a cushion of water in the pipe. If the P-trap runs dry, often from disuse, the cushion has been depleted, and there is nothing to block to flow of gases into your home.

To fix this, you just run the water. It's that simple! Another potential problem is that there are high levels of bacteria in your sink and the plumbing. Do you do a lot of food prep in or around your sink?

Do you disinfect it often? Do you allow food particles and grease to fall down the drain regularly? It is common for this debris to get caught in the drain. When it starts to rot, it will smell. Get your drains cleaned to take care of this.

Sulfur and Your Pipes

“sulfur”If there is a distinctive rotten egg smell, it could mean that your plumbing has high levels of sulfur in it. If you have a higher-than-average mineral content in your water, your pipes could be oxidizing, which will release sulfuric gases, creating a smell.

Consult your Osage Beach, MO, plumber for their opinion on whether the problem stems from the pipes or your water supply. It can be helpful to have regular drain cleaning to reduce odor.

Your drains will be clean, and in turn, the rest of your home will be cleaner as well. You'll also be less likely to have to deal with the inconvenience and mess of clogged drains.