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Tips to Help Homeowners Spot a Water Leak

Catch Water Leaks Before They Cause More Damage and Costs 

When the plumbing in a home leaks, it can cause many costly issues, such as water damage, and drive up water costs. Some water leaks are more obvious, like dripping faucets, but others are harder to spot. Being able to identify water leaks is vital for a homeowner so they can call a plumber for water leak detection and repair to protect their home from damage. Here is a discussion of different ways homeowners can find a water leak. 

Signs of Water Leaks 

Water leaks can be identified when people know what signs to look for, including: 

  • Dripping or running water noises
  • Reduced water pressure from the fixtures
  • Mold and mildew
  • Water-stained or damaged flooring, ceilings, or walls
  • Unexplained wet patches or puddles on the lawn 

High Water Bills

billsHomeowners also need to know another key sign of a water leak, but it involves paying attention to monthly water bills. A leak wastes water and increases a home’s water use, raising the water bill. Homeowners should have a general idea of how much they spend on utilities each month, so if there’s an unexplained rise in water costs, they can call for water leak repair. 

Homeowners can make a chart or rely on utility trackers to keep track of how much they spend each month. It can provide valuable information about a household’s water usage and costs, making it a great way to spot spikes in the water bill, signaling potential water leaks in the system. 

Water Meter

water meterHomeowners can also rely on their water meters to verify the presence of a water leak. Many water meters have a leak indicator, which often looks like a triangle or asterisk that turns when water is flowing through the water meter. If it continues to turn when nothing that uses water is being used inside or outside the home, it indicates a water leak. 

To use a water meter without a leak indicator to verify the presence of a leak, everything that uses water also needs to be turned off. Then, the reading on the water meter should be noted and then rechecked after about an hour, during which no water was used. If the reading has changed, indicating water was used when it wasn’t, it indicates a leak. 

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