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Spooky Plumbing Sounds That Go Bump in the Night

What Do These Strange Plumbing Sounds Say About the Need for Plumbing Repair?

Fall can be a creepy time of year for a lot of reasons. For homeowners, not knowing what the strange noises coming from their plumbing are can be extra scary. Plumbing repair bills and damage from plumbing problems can keep even the bravest homeowner awake at night. Luckily, knowing what those noises are can help homeowners take the first steps in the troubleshooting process. This knowledge can empower homeowners not to be afraid by helping them understand what noises mean and what plumbers can do to quiet them down. 

Dripping Noises

In the still and quiet of the night, one of the most frustrating sounds a homeowner can hear is the steady drip of a plumbing leak. Drips often go ignored by homeowners because there is a perception that slow steady dripping isn’t a serious problem, especially if the leak is in a sink or tub. However, this isn’t true. Leaks are generally cheap to repair but that constant flow of water will keep costing homeowners money. 

A single leaking faucet can waste thousands of gallons of water in the course of a year. Compound that with the fact that most homes have more than one leak and it’s easy to see that unrepaired leaks can cost lots of money. Additionally, if leaks happen to occur outside of a tub or basin, they can damage the surrounding portions of a home. The moisture from an uncontained plumbing leak can attract mold and termites that can cause serious damage to a structure. 

Knocking Sounds


Knocking sounds are the spookiest plumbing sounds. Knocking sounds can occur for different reasons and at different times. Each situation requires a different solution. Some of the instances where knocking can occur in plumbing are:

  • Knocking while water is running: Knocking while water is running can happen for two reasons- turbulent flow because of a change in pressure, and expansion of hot water pipes in spaces that are too tight for them. 
  • Knocking when water is shut off: The most common knock is caused by a “water hammer.” Water hammer occurs when valves or faucets are turned off, causing the momentum of the water to rattle pipes. 
  • Knocking when no water is running: Phantom knocks are usually caused by the water heater. Sediment in water heaters can cause water to boil which makes a knocking noise while the heater runs. 

Gurgling Toilets and Drains

Drains shouldn’t make any noise as they drain a sink, tub, or toilet. But, it’s inevitable that a homeowner will, at some time or another, hear gurgling noises from a drain. Gurgling noises are an indicator that they are not running freely. Drains are engineered to quickly sweep the water away from the points of use. When they become clogged by hair, food waste, toilet waste, or other blockages, they start to make noise. 



Luckily, drain cleaning is one of the most common plumbing services available. Drain services are usually offered same-day and at flat-rate prices. Many homeowners opt to have drain service done on a schedule so that they are never surprised with a back-up when their drains get clogged. 

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