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Reasons Why Your Heating System Isn't Running Efficiently

Common Heating Problems 

Every winter, HVAC companies receive many calls about heating systems failing to warm the home efficiently. Skyrocketing utility bills, cold spots in the house, or strange noises coming from the system are all warning signs of a problem. 

Doing regular maintenance and replacing outdated components within the system will help to prevent costly repairs. Keeping the unit clean from debris will also help to prevent system malfunction. 

These are three of the most common heating problems that homeowners report to HVAC technicians: 

  1. Wrong size unit 
  2. Broken thermostat
  3. Dirty unit 

One: DIY Unit Installation 

When homeowners or house flippers install the unit themselves, they may attempt to cut corners on costs by installing a small or less powerful heating unit. When the size and power of the unit are not enough for the size of the home, the unit is going to constantly struggle in its attempts to properly warm the house. It is best to leave the installation of heating and air systems up to experienced HVAC installers so that the right kind of unit is installed the right way. 

DIY HVAC installation and repairs can be dangerous for the homeowner and could void the manufacturer's warranty on the unit. Homeowners should work with a trusted HVAC technician to plan and install the heating and cooling system in their home in the most efficient way. It does not save the homeowner any money to install themselves if they install the wrong size unit or someone gets hurt. 

Two: Broken Thermostat thermostat

Changing the batteries in the thermostat can fix a lot of problems with the heating and air. The thermostat controls the function of central air systems, and any issue with the thermostat can cause problems with heating the home. When the thermostat fails to read the temperature of the house accurately, it can shut off before the house is warm enough. Thermostat services such as updating old software, cleaning away dust, and changing the batteries will keep the thermostat in good working order.  

Replacing the thermostat can help to make the home more energy-efficient. Smart thermostats learn the climate of the home and automatically heat it most effectively. This makes the home more eco-friendly and keeps utility bills low. Thermostat installation should be left up to an HVAC professional as improper installation can void the warranty and cause the system to work inefficiently. 

hvac Three: Dirty Outdoor Unit

Most heating and air systems connect to an outdoor unit which ventilates air from outdoors through the system. Dead leaves and other debris can build up around the unit during the fall season. When the debris gets sucked into the air vents, it can cause blockages and system failure. Keeping the area around the unit clean and dry will help prevent dirt and debris from the outdoors from getting stuck inside the HVAC unit.  

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