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How to Recognize When the Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

Signs to Call for Garbage Disposal Repairs 

Garbage disposals can help protect the plumbing from clogs by grinding up food waste that ends up in the kitchen sink drain small enough that it won’t clog the pipes. That’s why it’s so important to fix malfunctioning garbage disposals before they contribute to other problems with the plumbing. 

Garbage disposals are powerful machines that can be tricky to troubleshoot. But, in this article, homeowners can learn common signs that garbage disposal repair or replacement is needed. By recognizing these signs and getting help, homeowners can help protect their plumbing. 

Unusual Noises 

noisesMost people know what their garbage disposal sounds like when it’s on. Knowing how loud they are, discussing noises as a symptom of garbage disposal failure can seem silly. However, there is a difference between the noises a working garbage disposal makes and the noises one experiencing problems makes. 

Under good circumstances, garbage disposals will make a loud but consistent grinding noise. When things go wrong, homeowners may notice a loud humming with no sound indicating movement of the blades. This could mean something is jammed, preventing its normal function, but it may be able to be fixed using the reset button. The disposal may also make a rattling sound if something is stuck in the unit. Whatever the noise, the bottom line is loud and unusual noises should be investigated. 

Unreliable Service 

Garbage disposals that don't seem to work very well anymore may have various underlying issues. The blades could be too dull, preventing them from grinding up food small enough, which can cause clogs. Additionally, the motor could be failing or having difficulty starting up due to age. 

If the garbage disposal reset button needs to be used often, there is likely an issue with the disposal that requires repair or replacement. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the unit is running optimally, as well as a few simple steps, such as keeping certain food waste out of the drain. Additionally, using cold water while operating the garbage disposal can help prevent clogs from forming in the system.

Foul Smells From the Garbage Disposal

smellGarbage disposals are a convenient way to dispose of food waste, but if not maintained or working correctly, they can cause foul odors. Some causes of bad smells from garbage disposals may include pieces of food stuck in the grinding chamber or other parts of the disposal or a clog in the pipes, which the faulty disposal may have helped contribute to.

Luckily there are ways homeowners can help prevent clogs and foul smells. Aside from the tips already mentioned, such as running cold water when the disposal is on and avoiding putting certain foods down it, running ice cubes and citrus rinds through the disposal occasionally can help dislodge food waste stuck on the blades and help neutralize odors. 

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