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Don't Forget to Clean the AC Coils During Spring Cleaning

Get Better Performance From the AC with Spring AC Maintenance 

Spring has sprung, and people are feverishly knocking out checklists to clean and prepare their homes for the summer. Spring cleaning focuses on all the little home maintenance tasks that make a huge difference in the operation of a home. When homeowners make their spring cleaning checklists this year, they should take the opportunity to schedule AC coil cleaning. 

AC coil cleaning is an important part of AC maintenance done by professionals. When coil cleaning is added to spring cleaning checklists, homeowners can expect greater comfort and increased efficiency over the summer. This quick guide from local AC professionals teaches homeowners about coil cleaning and its importance. 

Why Do Evaporator Coils Need to Be Cleaned?

coilsAn air conditioner is a complicated piece of machinery, but most of the work is done by a set of coils that work together to move heat energy out of the house. One of these coils is inside the home while the other is outside. The coil inside the home is called the “evaporator coil.” 

The coil inside the home is named because of its purpose. Inside the coil, the compressed refrigerant expands rapidly and evaporates, causing the coil to cool to nearly freezing. As the refrigerant moves through the coil, powerful fans blow warm air from inside the home across the coil. The warm air then becomes the cool and dry air distributed through ductwork. 

Free movement of air through the coil is crucial to efficient operation.  Air filters normally collect dust before it can get in the coil, but eventually, coils get fouled with things like:

  • Dust
  • Hair
  • Dander
  • Mold

Spring cleaning in coil maintenance restores the coil’s lost cooling power and allows the AC to run efficiently once again.  

Why are Condenser Coils Important?

coilThe condenser coil is the second half of the coils in an AC. They work in reverse by using fans to drive heat off the warmed refrigerant. They also need to be cleaned and maintained to operate at peak efficiency. During an AC maintenance visit, outdoor condenser coils are:

  • Sprayed with cleaner
  • Rinsed with a hose
  • Combed to realign cooling fins

The result is a much more efficient system that keeps the home cooler for less money. 

Cleaning During AC Maintenance 

Coil cleaning isn’t a difficult job. Some homeowners choose to do it themselves. However, there are some benefits to having a professional coil cleaning service complete the job. Some reasons to hire professionals are:

  • Homeowners don’t have to deal with dangerous cleaners
  • Homeowners aren’t risking damage to their machinery
  • Seasonal maintenance allows HVAC technicians to catch any problems earlier before they worsen
  • AC maintenance is more than just coil cleaning. It allows technicians to go through the whole system and fix any problems. 
  • Professional AC maintenance saves money on bills and increases the lifespan of AC equipment. 

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