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All You Must Know About The Low Water Pressure at Home!

The Impact of Low Water Pressure On Your Home

The internet has made information that was previously kept only between certain professionals available to the public! One of the benefits of this is that plumbers are sharing their knowledge about common issues around the home, including low water pressure. This new information has helped numerous homeowners know the right way to handle those issues, which ultimately helps them save time and money!

The Common Causes of Water Pressure Issues

There are many reasons behind low water pressure and why it can become a problem. Some of the most common reasons include :

  • reasons for low water pressureIssues with the pressure regulator - While most pressure regulators come with pre-set manufacturer settings (usually between 45 and 60 pounds per square inch, or psi), this doesn’t guarantee they won’t experience a failure at some point.
  • The elevation of the water storage tank - If the tank is located at a lower elevation than the home, low water pressure may be the natural result of the extra trouble the water may have running uphill.
  • Accidentally bumped or turned off home valves - In a lot of cases, issues are caused simply by a homeowner or someone in the family accidentally bumping into one of the two main valves - the home valve (usually outside the residence) or the customer valve (in the meter box).
  • Water leaks - Pipe damage or other water leaks in or around the home is another leading cause of low water pressure. This can often be diagnosed by checking the meter and the bill.
  • Mineral deposits - Over time, the build-up of minerals and other sediments can narrow the pipes and make the water flow slower.

How to Fix Pressure Issues

Fixing low water pressure starts with the correct diagnosis of what the problem is. Once the problem is found, most issues can either be fixed by the homeowner or a professional plumber.

For instance, the pressure regulator is an easy fix but it should be done by a professional. This is also generally a fairly inexpensive problem but, when done inappropriately, it can also lead to major system damage.

fixing low water pressure

Homes that are experiencing low water pressure due to mineral deposits should start by looking at their faucets. One of the easiest ways to do this is by taking a small, plastic bag and filling it with white vinegar. Attach the bag with the faucet submerged with a rubber band, and let it soak for a few hours. If that doesn’t work, a water softener may be necessary.

If a leak is the cause, contact a plumber as soon as possible. Leaks can not only cause increased water bills but also damage to the home. They should always be taken seriously.

Keeping Pressure Issues At Bay

preventing low water pressureAfter finding out what the causes for low water pressure are and how they can be fixed, the next logical question most homeowners ask is if it can be prevented.

The best way to prevent issues with low water pressure in the home is by scheduling regular professional maintenance along with knowing plumbing repair basics. This should happen once yearly, at least.

However, it may also be a good idea to try to time showers/baths or automatic lawn sprinkler systems during off-hours for your neighborhood. While this doesn’t actually stop low water pressure, it does stop the annoyance caused by not being able to enjoy a shower properly.

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