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Plumbing Repairs or Replacements: Which is Better?

It's a dilemma many homeowners face when dealing with fragile plumbing devices. Every time it breaks down you wonder which is the best option: fixing it or buying a new one. Calling for repairs might be less expensive in the short-term, you know one day it will need to repipe your home.

The good thing about buying modern equipment is despite its high initial cost it tends to be more energy efficient and requires less maintenance. It's an investment that pays off down the road. So how do you figure out when it's time to buy a replacement? Here's what you should know when it comes to replacing key plumbing devices.

What About the Shower Top?

showertopSomething one needs to think about when it comes to shower tops is the effect of clogs. Sediment buildup could create blockages and impact the device's water pressure and efficiency. In addition, it may lead to water leaks and water damage throughout the bathroom.

If you need a replacement shower top, remember to buy a water-efficient model. This will help you save money on your utility bill by consuming less water.

Even the Kitchen Sink

kitchensinkIt's always best to ensure your kitchen sink is in good condition. This is the most used sink in your home, and any damage or cracks could result in leaks.

These leaks may cause water damage, which would be pricey to fix. Purchasing a new kitchen sink to replace an old one could prevent this from ever happening.

While out shopping for a replacement kitchen sink, be sure to purchase water-efficient faucets. This is yet another way to reduce a home's water consumption and lower the charges on your water bill.

Water Heater Awareness

waterheaterWater heaters undergo a lot of stress every day, which may cause some to wear down at an alarming rate. Water leaks, rust spots, and loud noises caused by sediment buildup are all signs of a device in decline.

These issues are problematic because they could reduce the device's efficiency and accelerate the damage being done. One solution to this situation would be to buy a tankless water heater.

These devices connect directly to a home's plumbing and give you access to a limitless supply of hot water. Since there's no need for a tank, you can also remove the old one to get more storage space. Tankless water heaters are a practical and efficient option.

Replacement Washing Machines

washingmachineWashing machines may appear to be sturdy, but there are some things, which can go wrong and lead homeowners to find a replacement.

Leaks due to cracks in the tub or loose drums or motor mounts, for example, are expensive to fix. Buying a replacement washing machine often makes the most sense in such cases.

Many modern washers also consume less water and energy than old models. Buy one and save on utility charges while helping the environment.