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Everything Homeowners Need To Know About Sewer System Backups

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Plumbing Experts Share Information About Sewer System Backups

The Inside Scoop on Sewer System Backups

Sewer system backups are one of the most potentially dangerous issues that a homeowner can deal with. In addition to the physical damage, they can also have serious health effects on everyone in the home. The good news is, everything that a homeowner will need to know to stay safe will be included in this article.

What is The Science Behind Sewer Backups

what is sewer system backup honestA sewer system backup happens when the sewage from outside sewer sanitary lines starts to back up into the house via the home’s drain pipes. They are not only damaging to the home and expensive to fix, but they also have the potential to make household members ill.

If there is a sewer system backup happening in the home, there are a few steps that homeowners should take. To limit the damage and health risk associated with them, start by removing everything possible with a wet-vac.

Mop and clean all of the floors and walls with a strong disinfectant. After everything is clean, it is recommended to contact a plumber to check and repair any plumbing fixtures and to check for any structural damage. There are a few warning signs of a sewer system backup. Keep an eye out for any of the following, and contact a plumber immediately if they occur.

  • Water backing up into the shower, toilet, or only one drain.
  • Pooling water around the drain in the basement.
  • Gurgling sounds that come from the toilet or drains.
  • Strong sewage odors coming out of the drains or around the home.
  • Multiple drains that backup.

Common Causes of Backups

There are two main reasons that sewer system backups can occur in the home.

  • reasons for sewer backup honestTree root blockages - Over time, roots from the trees and shrubs in the yard can start to grow around and into the pipes. Once they make their way into the pipes, they will cause damage like cracks and pipe bursts, but they can also obstruct the pipe and cause sewer system backups.
  • Sanitary main issues - Sometimes the blockage happens in the city’s sanitary main. While this issue is the responsibility of the city, if it is not caught soon enough it has the potential to cause sewer system backups in any of the homes it services.
  • Clogged pipes - This happens due to a combination of different issues, but ultimately a clog in the pipes can cause everything in the system to back up. Any backups, especially those that happen in more than one place in the home, warrants a call to a plumber right away.

Tips for Preventing Sewer System Backups

preventing sewer backup honestWhile one of the causes of sewer system backups isn’t related to anything the homeowner may or may not have done, there are ways to prevent them from happening.

The most important ways to prevent them is by closely monitoring what is going down the pipes in the home. Blockages in the pipes are often caused by people flushing or rinsing inappropriate things into the sewer system. The most common objects that cause sewer system backups are grease, paper products, and feminine sanitary products.

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