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Mother’s Day is a wonderful time of the year to recognize and appreciate the wonderful women who raised us and taught us so much throughout life.

Whether those lessons were cooking, patience, or how to keep a clean house, it’s no secret that those lessons follow us through life proving to be more applicable now than our youthful minds could have ever comprehended.

Surprisingly, not only do we benefit from our mother’s lessons but so do our HVAC systems as the better we clean our homes, the less work our systems have to do to keep us comfortable.

Don’t Play With Fire

dontdothatAs kids, we were always told not to play with fire as flames can be dangerous and sometimes even life-threatening. As adults, we have found a happy balance with the heat as we use fire in our daily lives from cooking meals for our families to enjoying a cozy night by the fireplace.

However, if we aren’t careful fire can quickly turn into our worst enemies and not only because of the flames, but the toxic fumes that come from the smoke are downright dangerous. According to the NFPA, smoke inhalation is the cause of most fire-related deaths.

As fire consumes oxygen the concentration of toxins increases, leaving behind lethal fumes that can be life-threatening. Fire and smoke also wreak havoc on our HVAC systems as the air quality drastically decreases when smoke is present.


gardeningGardening and taking care of plants is a common tradition shared by mothers for centuries all over the world.

While different mothers all have different reasons for gardening or keeping houseplants, one common factor is that plants significantly improve the air quality by reducing carbon dioxide levels.

This relieves our HVAC systems from having to work twice as hard to heat and cool our homes. Some of the other benefits of having plants in and around our homes include:

  • They purify the air.
  • They increase humidity.
  • They’re natural healers.
  • The positively impact your mood.
  • They’re known the sharpen your focus.

The Importance Of Vacuuming

vacuumfloorKeeping a clean home is an essential component of living a healthy life. Dust, pet hair, and other debris can enter our HVAC systems, spreading throughout our homes and signifying a negative reaction on our health.

The best tool to combat this is routine vacuuming to ensure that our floors stay clean and void of debris. So it appears our mothers didn’t make us vacuum the floor every weekend just for fun!

Millions of dead skin cells are being shed each day along with the accumulation of bacteria, allergens, dust, and debris. That is why it is so important to remove all of these factors that can cause severe respiratory and health issues. Whether you called it rules or nagging growing up, one thing for certain is that our mothers had the right idea about keeping the home clean.

This Mother’s Day, if possible, give your mom a big hug and thank her for all the life lessons that prove to still be applicable to this day! And thank her from Honest Abe's Home Services on our behalf!

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