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Easy to Detect Signs of a Plumbing Leak

These Tips and Tricks Can Help You Diagnose a Plumbing Leak

Water is almost everywhere in our homes. Besides the obvious kitchen faucets and bathroom appliances, water streams through the pipes in our walls and even under our residences. But because of this, a water leak can be a big problem for any homeowner. An unseen leak can result in not only wasted water but wasted funds, too.

The following tips will answer your questions about any suspected water leaks in your home and how you should handle them to avoid further damage.

Check Your Water Bill

high water billOne of the earliest signs that you may have a water leak in your home comes not from your walls or lawn but on your billing.

An unseen water leak means that water is escaping your plumbing system, which means that more water needs to be added to compensate for this lack. This increased water usage can show up on your water bill.

This is why it’s important to study and pay attention to your monthly water usage. If you see an unexpected spike in your water bill and you can’t easily explain it away, there’s a chance you may have an unseen water leak somewhere in your home and may need to call a local plumber to diagnose the issue.

Look For Mold Spots

mold spotsAnother sign you may have an unseen leak in your home is mold spots. Mold spots are typically little, or large, black spots or discolorations on your ceilings, walls, and sometimes even floors.

Mold tends to grow in moist environments, so if you find mold spots in an area you haven’t seen it before, or someplace where there typically isn’t much moisture or humidity, then it's possible you have an unseen water leak in that area.

Where there’s mold, there’s often mildew as well, and while these look displeasing to the eye, mold can actually be quite dangerous to live with. Mold can cause skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, throat irritation that leads to coughing and wheezing, and eye irritation.

If you have a mold allergy, your reaction to the mold could be much more severe. If you find mold in your home, it’s important to diagnose why it’s growing, and if you suspect a water leak, contact a plumber to assess the situation.

Find Musty Smells

mustysmellIf you notice an unpleasant musty smell in your home, it may be more than just because of an old basement. A musty scent in a house is a sign of mildew or other moisture problems.

When there’s a lot of moisture, or even standing water in a room, even if it's unseen, it can change the actual scent of the space.

If you notice a change in smell in your room, it may be a sign that you have mildew. Mildew, like mold, grows in places with high moisture or humidity content, so if you notice this scent in a place you haven’t before, you could have an unseen leak.

If you can’t discover where the smell is coming from, your best bet is to contact your local plumber. They will be able to figure out what’s causing the scent and whether or not you have a larger leak issue that needs to be resolved.

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