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Do You Know Where Your Air Has Been?


In order to have quality airflow in your home, you must allow the air to travel freely from one place to another. This allows you to enjoy clean air and relax comfortably in your household.

Without proper airflow, you’ll be experiencing dusty air and a lack of any flow, so the air will be in one area at all times. This is why it’s important to have clean and functioning air ducts.

These are what help your air flow better. We’re going to talk about some of the most neglected parts of the HVAC system and how we can better maintain them.

How Do Air Ducts Work?

Air ducts are the very passages that allow the air to travel within your house. Air ducts provide ventilation, supplying air, returning air, and exhausting air. The essential role that your ducts play is that they filter out the air to make sure it is clean to inhale.

Air ducts filter contaminants such as dust, chemicals, pollen, smoke, and even mold. Once the air is filtered, the contaminants are left behind, and the clean air is dispersed around your house.

Over time, your air ducts can become dirty and may require cleaning to keep them working well. Without cleaning, your air ducts won’t work as well and can even cause hazards to your health.

How Often Should They Be Cleaned?

Because of how much filtering work they do, air ducts must be cleaned frequently for them to work properly. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends that you clean your ducts every 3 to 5 years.

If you leave your air ducts unmaintained for a long time, they can easily lose their ability to filter air properly and cause your house to have lots of dust everywhere.

They can also lower their ability to efficiently cool or heat your home, leaving you with fluctuating temperatures and general discomfort in your home.

Do Ducts Ever Need to Be Replaced?

You’re probably wondering if air ducts only require maintenance to stay functioning properly. The reality is that air ducts must be replaced as well for top performance.

When the ducts have mold growing on them, they’ve become too dirty and must be replaced. This mold can cause health issues like inhaling contaminated air and thus polluting your body with germs.

The result of this can be diseases or sicknesses and it can worsen until there is cleaner air. This is why it’s important to get your ducts replaced if they’re becoming too dirty.

Having Allergy-like Symptoms?

allergiesA sign that your air ducts are too dirty and need cleaning is if you are experiencing symptoms like sneezing, coughing, itchiness or redness in the eyes, or difficulty breathing.

If you start to sense allergy-like symptoms amongst yourself or your family, it’s essential to call us right away to conduct a duct system inspection. We can help you identify whether your air ducts need cleaning or not or if they must be replaced.

Calling Honest Abe's Home Services can help your air flow stay normal and protect you and your family from hazardous pollutants in the air.

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