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Should You be Concerned About Air Leaks?


Air leaks can sneak into your home, even when you’re at your most vigilant. No matter the time of the year, an air leak can increase your electricity bill and cause your home’s temperature to be unseasonably different than what you are paying for it to be.

Today, the staff here at Honest Abe’s Home Services will teach you the best practices to keep your home airtight and seal air leaks before they become a problem. Let’s get started!

Using Spray Foam for Help

sprayfoamOne of the most common places that air leaks occur in the home is in the attic, as it is exposed to the highest amount of direct airflow of any place in your home.

The best way to combat that is with the use of spray foam. Spray foam is a type of insulation that fills up any crevices, cracks, or gaps.

It can simply be sprayed on and it immediately expands, and is used as a long term solution to seal leaks as it never settles, sags, or compresses. Spray foam can be applied yourself, or you can contact one of our professionals to evaluate where your leaks are occurring and to have them apply it for you.

How to Appropriately Choose and Use Caulk

caulkingholesAnother way to seal air leaks in your home is by using caulk. Caulk can be used on all kinds of walls, floors, and ceilings! This flexible sealing material can shape itself into all sorts of areas and keeps the air you want inside your home, and the air you don’t want on the outside.

There are, however, multiple different types of caulk, so reach out today to find out which kind would be best to seal the specific air leak in your home. The material itself can also be tricky to work with and get right, so seeking professional help when it comes time to use it can be beneficial so that you don’t end up having to redo it later on.

The Usefulness of Weatherstripping

weatherstrippingWeatherstripping is another great tool to keep in your quest to seal air leaks in your home. Effective weatherstripping works for all four seasons, keeping outside air where it belongs… outside!

It can be used all around your doors and windows and is easily installed by simply removing the adhesive and placing it in the right place. It can also be purchased easily and cheaply and can be one of the best ways to save money in both the summer and the winter.

The absorbent material stops both hot and cold air from breaching your home and keeps electricity costs down during the times of the year when they tend to be at their highest.

If you have questions about spray foam, caulk, weatherstripping, or just how to seal air leaks in general, please call Honest Abe’s Home Services. We’d be happy to walk you through all of your options and provide as much or as little assistance as you require. We hope to talk to you soon!

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