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Work Smarter, Not Harder When It Comes To Hard Water


We actually make hard water a much harder problem (see what we did there?) than it needs to be. Hard water is an actual fact of life in our area, where our water can qualify on the threshold of being considered very hard, especially during the summer months, as it has a concentration of up to 170 parts per million.

We see the effects of this hard water every day, in our mirrors, on our glasses and even on our cars. Plenty of industries focus on getting you to buy short term fixes rather than utilizing long term solutions.

However, as you might guess from the name, at Honest Abe’s Home Services, we are focused on finding you the best water filtering solution. If you want to be free of hard water stains, we’ll help you get there.

What Are These Hard Water Stains?

hardwaterThe first concern people have about hard water stains, particularly when they show up on glasses or dishes, is if it means that something hasn’t been properly cleaned.

You may even run the dishwasher a second time, only to find the stains still there, front and center. There is nothing wrong with your dishwasher, these stains are the result of a mineral buildup in your water that is natural.

As our water supply moves through geographical features, particularly deposits of limestone or chalk, it leaves calcium and magnesium in the water, creating hard water. The higher the amount of these minerals, the harder the water. And ours, in the O’Fallon area, is definitely hard.

So How Do You Get Rid of the Stains?

cleaningstainsTackling these pesky stains can be tricky, especially since every surface you find them on needs to be treated differently. For the above instances of glasses or dishes, vinegar can be a great option, especially since it is safe to consume.

Other surfaces can be trickier. For instance, the porcelain of a toilet needs the stains removed in a fairly gentle way.

A great recommendation is to utilize a powdered cleaner, like Bar Keeper’s Friend on the stains. You’ll then need to gently use a fine-grit drywall sanding screen to remove the buildups. Every surface can require a slightly different strategy.

Make Things Easier with Water Softeners

watersoftenerIt absolutely is more work than it should be. That’s why we’d recommend installing a water softener to get rid of the problem once and for all. The softening systems remove the calcium and magnesium deposits from the water.

This is achieved using a process called ion exchange, where a resin bed pulls these minerals from the water, leaving you with soft water. These devices are effective and efficient and, even better, much more low maintenance than constantly trying to remove these stains from your house.

If you are tired of the struggle against hard water stains, we get it (although if you found our tips helpful, please share the article with friends). It’s time for you to find a solution that will keep you happy in the long run. Reach out to one of our expert’s at Honest Abe’s Home Services and we’ll be happy to help you.

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