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Why Make Your Own Maintenance Plan as a Renter


For homeowners, long-term plans are worth their weight in gold. They'll protect important systems and keep your home running reliably while saving you money. That's not always true for renters though. Renters aren't responsible for replacing worn out HVAC equipment.

That's why we don't recommend standard long-term maintenance plans to them. Instead, we believe that renters should make their own maintenance plan instead. It will give them better-living conditions without coming with the cost of a full-service maintenance plan that would benefit the property owner.

Start by Knowing When You Should Change Filter Cartridges

The first thing you should know as a renter is how often to change the system filter. This is a task that should often be completed on a monthly basis, and it's something that will normally be left up to you. Some common warning signs include:

  • changefilterIncrease in allergies and respiratory issues.
  • Higher energy costs.
  • Low airflow.
  • Excess dust on vents and surfaces.

By actively swapping filters you'll enjoy better air quality and your heating and cooling will run more efficiently. That can help you save on those utility bills!

Look closely at the type of filters that you have for their swap recommendations. It doesn't take long to figure out exactly how often you should be changing them out.

Consider a Professional Cleaning

procleaningWe know, you don't actually own the place, and you probably aren't that worried about extending the life of the equipment inside. That doesn't mean you shouldn't consider a professional vent cleaning though.

Spending a bit of cash on a vent cleaning can dramatically improve the air quality in your space. If any of you suffer from allergies, or you just want to live somewhere with cleaner air, consider having a pro come in and clean out the unit.

It will make a big difference, it's not an extravagant service and it's something every renter should consider if they'll be living in a home for a year or more.

Invest in Air Quality

airqualityWhether you realize it or not, the quality of the air in your home really controls your health as well. Air that's loaded with dust and pollen will aggravate allergies, make colds worse and can make you and your family feel worse overall.

This is especially true moving into the spring months when that pollen count starts to increase. Paying a bit to have the HVAC system maintained is an investment in your own personal air quality.

The vents will stay cleaner, there will be less dust floating around and you'll enjoy nice fresh air to stay in. This simple step should make you all feel a bit better throughout the year. If you change homes regularly, or just don't want to commit to a long-term maintenance plan for a place you don't own, making your own maintenance plan is the way to go.

It's more affordable, can offer you the biggest benefits and provide you with the most specific services for your needs. Call us and we'll work with you to help develop the perfect plan for your needs. You can improve your renting experience and bring that special plan with you wherever you move to. It's a good investment and something that can really boost your quality of life.

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