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Let’s be Honest About Spring Allergies


You may think that the problem about seasonal allergies, while bothersome for those who suffer, isn’t very complex. Come Spring and the blooming and blossoming of plants and flowers, higher concentrations of dust and pollen abound in the air causing those with allergy problems to suffer symptoms.

An open and shut case, right? Unfortunately, the issue is a lot more complex than that. Far more people may be suffering from Spring allergies than realize it and they aren’t doing anything to solve the cause of the problem.

There are a few ways to help identify if you are secretly suffering from Spring allergies and a big step you can take to help alleviate the problem itself with better indoor air quality.

Even You Could be Facing Allergy Symptoms

allergysymptomsIf you have serious seasonal allergies, the symptoms are pretty obvious. Runny or stuffy noses (and somehow, both at the same time!), sneezing and itching and watery eyes are some of the most common symptoms.

Particularly sensitive allergy victims can even deal with difficulty breathing or skin conditions, such as a rash. However, the problem can go a lot deeper than the obvious.

Many people this time of year complain about a lingering cold or cough, chalking it up to the last bit of winter. However, this is likely actually a result of continued exposure to spring dust and pollen in the air, even if you don’t actually feel like an allergy sufferer.

Your immune system has to constantly battle these allergens, wearing you down and making sure you aren’t feeling your finest. You could be facing symptoms like headaches, coughing, congestion and just overall fatigue.

Duct Cleaning Addresses The Root of The Problem

homecleaningIf you find yourself realizing that you may be battling seasonal allergies, your first instinct may be to turn right to medications like Flonase or Benadryl to make you feel better.

While this may help you alleviate the symptoms, it doesn’t address the root cause of the problem at all. In reality, making sure your ducts are routinely cleaned can be a better benefit to your wellbeing.

That’s because your home is meant to be a sanctuary from the allergens in the air. However, if you have ducts that haven’t been cleaned, you can be circulating the dust and pollen from outside right into your home. This can force the system to work 24-7 battling these allergens, wearing your natural immune response down to a point of dysfunction.

Avoid Delays, Allergies Get More Severe Over Time

professionalservicesThe professional cleaning of duct cleaning isn’t worth putting off. That’s because continued exposure to dust and pollen can make the symptoms worse.

Eventually, you may go from mild or moderate symptoms to needing medical visits or prescription medications. Addressing duct cleaning can give your immune system the crucial break it needs to keep you healthy.

If you are concerned about your indoor air quality, Honest Abe’s Home Services can help. We can help schedule a duct cleaning or explore other air filtration options, including UV sanitation. No matter what your clean air concerns, we are happy to help. Simply call us!

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