Meet The Team

Dennis Nelson
General Manager
Hi, my name is Dennis Nelson. I’m originally from Southeast Missouri. I have a degree in elementary education. Before joining Honest Abe’s I worked in retail management for nearly ten years. I love spending time playing board games with my wife and daughters and I enjoy watching the St. Louis Cardinals! I started working for Honest Abe’s in 2019. I joined because of the opportunity to work for a company that believes in its employees. I also love that we look for opportunities to give back to the lake community. I enjoy the opportunity to create policies and procedures that help every employee to align with our company’s core values.
Donna Jordan
Customer Service Manager
Hi, my name is Donna Jordan. I’m originally from Southern California. I also lived in Colorado for 20 years before moving to the lake. I have over 30 years in customer service work. I currently work as the Honest Abe’s customer service manager. I work alongside our customer service reps to make sure each customer gets the help they need, and fast! I love being able to help customers and work with our team of office management.
Jennifer Booyer
Customer Service Rep.
Hi, my name is Jennifer Booyer. I grew up in Eldon and moved to California, MO in 2005. I graduated with an associates degree in business and love spending time with my kids. I joined Honest Abe’s after hearing about the company from a friend. I enjoy helping people and putting them at ease as we help fix their problems and find a solution. Working with our technicians to help customers is what I look forward to every day.
Tim Woody
Water Specialist
Hi, my name is Tim Woody. I grew up in Kansas and have a master's plumbing and HVAC license. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, hunting and collecting baseball cards. My career in the trades started in 1998. I got into the field to help solve problems and help people that are in need. I enjoy working for Honest Abe’s. The owner is very kind and the team around me is awesome.
J.T. Dunlap
Plumbing Service Manager
Hi, my name is J.T. Dunlap. I grew up in Brookville, OH. I am a licensed journeyman plumber and in my spare time, I enjoy motorcycles and guns. My career in the trades started over 26 years ago when I joined the field with a couple of high school friends. I look forward to helping people and finding the best way to solve their problems.
Reggie Moore
Comfort Consultant
Hi, my name is Reggie Moore and I’m from Waynesville. I received HVAC/R tech training in the Air Force. In my spare time, I spend as much time as possible with my family. I joined the trades to learn a skill set that would build into a long career. I enjoy interacting with customers. Helping other people gives me a sense of pride.
Rob Lenaerts
Hi, my name is Rob Lenaerts. I am originally from Dubuque, IA. I began work as a warehouse supplier in 2013 and moved to the lake in 2020. I enjoy being able to work with a great crew of technicians to help customers around the area. This job gives me the opportunity to see many new areas of the Lake of the Ozarks that I hadn’t seen before.
Anthony Donatelli
Hi, my name is Anthony Donatelli and I’m originally from Overland Park. I began work in the trades after completing a plumbing and gas-fitting apprenticeship. I have friends and family members in the plumbing business, which led me to join the trade in 2006. I enjoy solving new problems for customers every day.
Travis Howard
Hi, my name is Travis Howard and I’m originally from Boonville. I began working in the trades during my time enlisted in the Air Force. I enjoying reading, watching movies and gaming. I enjoy the trades because it brings a new opportunity every day. No two jobs are the same!
Russell Weiss
Hi, my name is Russell Weiss and I’m from Colorado. I have Associates Degree in Computers. When not at work I like to fish and hike. I became an electrician in 2000. I enjoy working with customers to fulfill their needs. I take pride in making homes function properly and safely.
Nate Fulgham
Hi, my name is Nate Fulgham and I grew up in Oregon. I have been in the trades for over five years. I like to play video games in my spare time. My father, who has been in the field for 25 years, got me hooked in the trades. My satisfaction comes from turning a new system on and making customers happy.
Daniel Froilan
Hi, my name is Daniel Froilan and I grew up in Connecticut. After high school i moved to Arizona. I like to spend time with my family, hunt, fish, and ride motorcycles. I went to trade school during high school for electrical. I like that I can make people happy and see the satisfaction of a completed job.
Cruise Trube
Hi, my name is Cruise and I've been in HVAC for over five years. I love meeting with customers and new people everyday and working with my hands. My hobbies include the outdoors and being with my family.
Richard Smith
Hi, my name is Richard and I was born and raised in Nevada, MO. I joined the trades because I feel it is a solid career that keeps me engaged physically and mentally. I enjoy making people comfortable in their homes. My hobbies include Nunchaku, fishing, video games, and family.
Jacob Swager
Hi, my name is Jacob and I took 4 years of plumbing school in Utah. I have been plumbing for over 7 years now. I joined the trades because I like working with my hands and problem solving. My hobbies include boxing, fishing, pottery, and writing poetry.