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Why You Should Schedule a Sewer Line Cleaning This Fall

Fallen Autumn Leaves Must be Cleaned

Fall is an enjoyable time for many people. It gives a break from the hot days of summer and is filled with pumpkin spice lattes and excitement for Halloween festivities. And though the leaves turn beautiful colors this time of year, falling leaves can become quite a hassle.

Not only do fallen leaves mean it’s time to bring out the rake again, but they often cause the need for sewer cleaning. When leaves fall and pile up on the ground, they can clog outdoor sewer systems and wreak havoc in the home.

How Sewer Systems Work

sewer systemBecause sewer systems help to manage and treat community wastewater before it is released back into the environment, they play a major role in sanitation and disease prevention. Therefore, they must stay clean and functional to prevent health problems in the community.

In a house, the pipes from sinks, showers, toilets, etc. all connect into what is known as the mainline, which runs horizontally beneath the house. The mainline of one house then connects to the main lines of other houses and businesses nearby. These lines continue to flow into larger and larger pipes until they reach a waste treatment plant.

When one or many of these pipes become clogged, the water cannot make its way through the pipes. Instead, the water and its contents start to back up in the pipes and can re-enter the home through the drains.

The Difference in Clogs: Normal vs. Main Drain Line

Since there are many connecting pipes in a sewer system, there are multiple places where a clog can occur. Say there are too many food scraps that go down the kitchen sink and there’s no garbage disposal to break it up, so it forms a clog.

main drain line

This would be a normal clog because it only affects that one pipe going from the kitchen sink drain down into the main drain line beneath the house. This can cause the water to back up into that particular sink drain. However, if a clog occurs in the main drain line, the water could back up into every drain of the house.

Keep Sewage Flowing in the Right Direction

Gravity is a major factor in sewage flowing down through the pipes. But when a toilet clog starts to form in the pipe, gravity loses its force and raw sewage can start to flow upwards back into the house. If this problem is left unresolved, it is not only expensive to fix, but it can also pose major health and sanitation concerns for anyone who lives there.

sewageThere are a few common signs for identifying a clog, which includes the following:
  • One or multiple drains are slow-moving.
  • A gurgling sound occurs in the drains or toilets.
  • A bad smell coming from the water.

If any of these occur, there is likely a clog in the pipes, which should be taken care of as soon as possible by a plumbing professional.

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