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What Homeowners Should Know About Home Foundation Leak Detection

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Suspect a Home Foundation Leak? Here's How to Detect It

No leak is a good leak. It could be a leaking faucet that's wasting gallons of water every month, or it could be leaking air ducts that decrease the efficiency of the HVAC system. But if there's one type of leak that's especially bad, it's a foundation leak. 

Foundation leaks occur when there's high pressure in the soil surrounding the home. When this soil becomes oversaturated from water, it puts stress on the foundation of the home, resulting in cracks and leaks. It can weaken the home's structural integrity or cause the foundation to collapse entirely, making the home uninhabitable. To prevent this major disaster from happening, homeowners should use foundation leak detection services. 

Signs of Concrete Foundation Leaks crack in concrete foundation

As mentioned, concrete foundation leaks can become very dangerous very quickly. When the house's structural integrity is at risk, it's not something that should be taken lightly or put off. Hiring a professional plumber as soon as possible is critical to detecting and fixing the leak before things get out of hand.

There are a handful of signs that homeowners can watch for:

  1. Spikes in the water bill: If there's a leak, water usage will be higher.
  2. Cracks in the baseboards or walls of the house: Things can start to crack under the high pressure from over-saturated soil. 
  3. Damp carpets or flooring: With a leak in the foundation, lower levels of the house can experience water damage similar to flooding. 

If homeowners notice any of these signs, they should contact a professional immediately. They'll have the high-tech tools to detect the exact location of the leak and fix it.

Best Tools for Foundation Leak Detection

Plumbing tools these days are pretty high-tech! It's fascinating to see what they have the power to do and see within the plumbing system. These tools are especially great for detecting the exact spot of a foundation leak without ripping up floorboards to find the right spot.plumber working

High-tech sound equipment is the best method for doing this. First, a professional plumber will connect this technology to the plumbing system, allowing them to visualize the underground piping path. Then, they can listen to the volume and frequencies in the water to pinpoint the leak. Knowing the exact location allows for quick repair with minimum damage to the rest of the home. 

Why Immediate Leak Detection and Repair Is Needed  time and money

Any leak is a hassle to deal with. But a leaky faucet doesn't require the same urgency as a leaking foundation. The longer it goes without repair, the more money it will cost in the end. It may start as just a small crack in a baseboard, which could easily be replaced. But if the root of the problem isn't resolved, it can lead to a collapsed foundation or tons of other water damage in the house. 

When all of the other services are added (replacing carpet or flooring, replacing cracked baseboards, restoration services for removing excess water, etc.), it costs a lot more than the initial repair to the foundation leak. It's in homeowners' best interests to quickly fix the repair to minimize costs and keep their home safe.

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