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Tips From Industry Professionals on Air Conditioning Repair

3 Expert Tips on Air Conditioning Repair

When someone is learning something completely new, the best thing they can do is turn to an expert. To be good at something, it’s wise to hang out with other people that are good at that same thing. Birds of a feather flock together, right? Analyzing the motions of an expert, what they do, and what they don’t do can teach someone a lot of valuable lessons and can help them avoid common mistakes.

For example, when trying to fix up the home or repair the air conditioner, homeowners should turn to HVAC pros to learn the best air conditioning repair methods. Because they have so much experience, HVAC professionals have a specific process for troubleshooting and solving issues, and homeowners should follow in their footsteps. Here are the steps that the pros will take.

Checking the Thermostat is a Simple Solution

thermostatsHomeowners like to jump the gun on a lot of things, including air conditioning repairs. They start to assume that everything on the AC unit is completely broken and a sense of panic starts to set in. However, the issue could be as simple as having the wrong thermostat settings.

This is why it’s important to always check the basics first. The AC could feel like it’s not working properly because the thermostat is set at the wrong temperature or was turned off accidentally. This is especially true for those with little kids in the house.

They like to press any button they can reach! If the settings are correct and the power is on, check that the batteries are still good. Dead batteries are a common solution to a malfunctioning AC unit as well.

Changing the Air Filter is a Proper Next Step

A dirty air filter can cause a lot of problems, and messing up the AC unit’s overall performance is one of them. Air filters collect dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants, but they get pretty full after a while and can’t trap anything else. This can cause dirt to travel through the rest of the home and can cause blockages in the air vents that prevent the cool air from traveling throughout the house.

air filters

Homeowners should know that replacing the air filter is the best thing to do. Trying to clean disposable air filters simply won’t work. The dust, dirt, and pollen are trapped deep within air filters, so trying to clean the filter with a vacuum or with soap and water isn’t effective.

Cleaning the Entire AC System

clean systemAfter checking the basics of the thermostat and the air filters, the final thing that an HVAC professional will do is clean the AC unit. A gunky central AC system can create all sorts of problems. The unit cannot work efficiently when it’s covered in dust and debris, if at all!

Homeowners should try to clean the HVAC system at least once a year. They may want to do so more frequently if the house commonly has AC-related problems. Clean off the dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris that sits on the outside of the unit, and then start cleaning the individual components of the unit, such as the coils.

It is often helpful to have a professional on-site to clean the AC unit. They’ll ensure that no damage is done, that all maintenance is up to code, and that the AC is ready to roll once again!

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