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3 Clear Cut Signs to Watch For that Point to a Faulty Water Heater

Is the Home Suffering from a Faulty Water Heater?

Back in the day before water heaters were invented, people would either have to heat the water before bathing in it or simply bathe in cold water. Now, things are much easier, so it’s hard to imagine what life was like back then. That is until you're googling "water heater services in O'Fallon" and are now stuck with boiling water ahead of time, or simply relinquishing to bathing in cold water. Just like the old days.

Many would agree that these are not great options to have, so it’s important that homeowners pay attention to the signs of a broken water heater so they can avoid those cold showers.

An Unusually Noisy Water Heater

noisy water heaterMost things in the house make some sort of noise, and this is natural. Though some washing machines or dishwashers are quieter than others, no machine is completely silent. Water heaters have natural sounds to them too.

However, if you start hearing water heater noises, that noise shouldn’t be ignored. If there is a loud popping sound coming from the water heater, there’s likely some sediment build-up. When debris enters into the water heater from the water supply, it can build up around the bottom of the water heater tank.

Water can get trapped below this sediment, so as it starts to heat, bubbles form and eventually explode causing that loud popping sound. A sizzling noise is also an unusual sound and is typically caused by a restriction of water flow. The temperature and pressure relief valve are designed to let out water if there is too much pressure.

So when water comes out of this valve, it’s a sign of a pressure problem that needs to be resolved. Another loud noise that many homeowners have experienced is a hammering sound. When the water flow stops abruptly, the water has nowhere to go, and it will try to return in the direction it came from. This results in a loud loud hammering sound, which can be quite destructive and cause various components of the water heater to break or malfunction.

Colored Water is a Clear Sign

Water should be clear and transparent when it comes out of the faucet. It shouldn’t have specks of dirt floating around or a cloudy appearance. So when water is discolored, musty, or rusty looking, know that this is not normal and is commonly a sign of a broken water heater. Water discoloration and overall dirty water could be due to sediment build-up on the bottom of the water heater tank, corrosion in the water heater or pipes, or an aging water heater that needs to be replaced.

colored water

The fix for any of these depends on the cause. When it’s sediment buildup, in many cases a plumber can flush the tank to remove it. If there’s rust buildup, chances are your unit is towards the end of its lifespan. Rust is an indicator of deterioration, and before long, you could be dealing with a leak in your home.

Metallic Water Taste or Smell

metallic waterThough in a way water has a distinct taste, because it can be differentiated from other beverages, it doesn’t really taste like anything. There’s typically no real flavor to it. If the water starts to smell or taste metallic, it’s a sign of a broken water heater.

As the water heater ages and breaks down, metal from the heater can seep into the water and cause that metallic taste. If this happens, it’s important to replace the water heater as soon as possible.

It’s often a good idea to inspect your water heater a few times a year. Because your water heater is used so often and is such an integral part of your daily routine, it’s critical to keep up with maintenance and care.

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